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The restaurant was founded in 1766 in a private mansion on the banks of the Seine River. The place has kept its yesteryear charm and still offers the opportunity to immerse oneself again in a private room’s unique atmosphere. Enjoy our traditional cooking renewed by our Chef.

The most romantic place in Paris is said to be the Lapérouse. This restaurant has existed since 1766, and owns two private dining rooms each containing a sofa, a table and a mirror. According to a legend, the seats have been sit by French Senators and Victor Hugo as well. Waiters stay in the background until you ring for them – total privacy ensured! A dinner is around €100 per person, but lunches are more budget-friendly.
Address: 51 quai des Grands Augustins, 6th arrondissement, 011-33/1-43-26-68-04.

For more spectacular than scandalous settings, you might visit a brasserie. Le Grand Colbert, Julien, Bofinger all have delightful interiors and their menu prices vary between €25-35.
Le Grand Colbert, 2 rue Vivienne, 2nd arrondissement, 011-33/1-42-86-82-38.
Julien , 16 rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis, 10th arrondissement, 011-33/1-47-70-12-06.
Bofinger, 7 rue de la Bastille, 4th arrondissement, 011-33/1-42-72-87-82.

For a romantic rendezvous, go to La Fourmi Ailée, near Notre Dame. This cosy and intimate place has warm lighting and a friendly staff. You can have a dinner here for less than €12. After dinner, you can stroll along the Seine — in summertime, take the direction of Berthillon Ice-cream Cone on Ile Saint-Louis!
La Fourmi Ailée, 31 rue Saint-Louis en l’Ile, 4th arrondissement, 011-33/1-43-29-40-99.

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