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This summer. Channel Islands. After successfully managing to avoid spending the summer holidays on a Channel Island (although not intentionally), this might be it. This summer might be the summer I spend my holidays on a British island. The winner? Guernsey, of course! Summer is the best time to visit this island, just off the coast of France because everything is in bloom. St Peter Port is busy with other tourists and while I won’t be the owner of one of the yachts in the harbour, I do hope to get a chance to ride on one… or at least a dingy that floats. The really attraction to this place though are the pretty rugged cliffs, its quaint countryside cottages, beaches and the people, open and gentle.

Spend time at the beaches… and not always the same one

The island has some great beaches and I do plan to visit a lot of them, if not ALL! Vazon, Cobo, Chouet, Pembroke… there’s no doubt that the west and north coast are the best for beaches, all accessible via bus from St Peter Port. Another must, is enjoying a brew at sunset at one of the beach-side cafes.

Explore Herm & Sark

Both of these small islands can be reached by boat and they’re completely car-free. It’s quiet and they’re more small enough to explore on foot, at least Herm. Sandy beaches and a little restaurant and hotel. The boat ride takes about 45 minutes from the port. If you have, bring your bike since the only other form of transportation is horse and buggy (which sounds lovely).

Say, “I love you” at the Little Chapel

Quite possibly the smallest chapel in the world, Little Chapel at Les Vauxbelets ins absolutely adorable and there’s nothing like pronouncing your love at a place like this (ha!). It’s walls are decorated with tiny shells, broken glass, pebbles and old pieces of bone china.

Walk along the South Coast cliffs

Plan some hiking into your trip. The cliffs along Guernsey’s southern coast can be reached from many points but the view is always the same. Stunning. Most days you can see Herm, Sark, Jethou and Jersey clearly, even France if it’s especially good weather. The area is in danger of erosion and visitors are asked to stick to the paths and avoid trying to climb up or down the cliffs.

Rediscover your childhood self at the Rocquaine Regatta

I’m most excited about this event that takes place annually in July at Rocquaine Bay. It takes place on the last Saturday of the month and features a day long of sand castle building competitions, tug of war games and other treats… even prizes to be won! It’s like the county fair goes to the beach! All I need now though is a spade and a bucket, my sun hat and some good ideas for my castle

I’ve already secured by trip there, I found cheap flights to Guernsey with Flybe. I’m always really surprised at how good their deals are. Anyways, even in peak season you can fly there for less than £100… bonus! Where are you heading this summer? Any plans to visit the Channel Islands?


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T0 many Brits the case is closed, the Isle of Man is full of strange folk and is the place where weird things happen. It is however a whole lot more than this. The Isle of Man may be the secluded summer destination of many wealthy Brits but it is far from strange. The island itself is a natural paradise: rolling hills, lush and green valleys, rugged rocks along the coast. What could be so strange about that?

Sitting in between Ireland and England, the Isle of Man is a rare mix of Norse and Gaelic traditions, both having settled there between 400 AD and 800 AD. Today it is still heralded for its culture, heritage, landscapes and most of all its legends.

The island is ruled by Manannan mac Lir, the god of the sea, who protects the island by hiding it under his cloak when invaders are coming. Fairies are said to make their home here, so when you’re passing over Fairy Bridge make sure you wish them a ‘Good Morning!’ or ‘Good Afternoon!’ in order to ensure good luck for the near future.

It’s true that many visit the island for the TT Races every year, but if you ask me, it’s hardly a reason to go to the Isle of Man. Why watch some motorcycles when you can hike through the hills, explore the coastline and enjoy a steaming dish of spuds and herring, the local favourite?

You’re bound to wind up in a pub at some point during your trip to Mann, so pull up a stool and ask the bar tended to tell you some stories about the island. There is a reason why many refer to this place as the Isle of Strange, but it’s up to you whether you are going to believe it.

How to get there?

There are cheap flights from Liverpool to Isle of Man for £45 round trip. Both flybe and easyJet fly there on a daily basis.

You can also take the ferry from Liverpool or Heysham to the island’s capital, Douglas. During the summer there is also service from Dublin.

Don’t give into the legends of strange on the Isle of Man, travel there and discover it for yourself!

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