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photo from kfar / weekend trip to vienna

Today I went to take a look at the travel around the world blog that jelizaveta writes and I saw that she mentioned me in her post today! This is very cool! I am always inspired by the destinations she writes about, definitely check it out.

So I was thinking why not give a few shout-outs then to travel blogs that I have been following and I enjoy?

Mangovine is a blog about a couple livinging in Hong Kong and travelling around Asia. They collect very interesting photographs as they travel along and write about places that I would like to go if I was travelling through Asia. Its a really good resourse if you are heading that way and looking for some great design spots.

A big one but still very cool is Viator. I just came across this blog the other day when  i was looking for things to go in Croatia during the winter. I found a really cheap flight from London to Split for £59 on liligo.com and came across one of their posts with just the answer!

i left my heart is a very poetic travel blog… she has some really great photographs. its a more different type of travel blog but i think writing poems about destinations is a great way to get in touch with your experiences there!

What are you favourites? Let me know if you write a travel blog, we can make a link exchange! Dont be shy! Have a great weekend!


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