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Those planning to travel to the Russian Capital for the winter holiday should make sure they arrive in time for one of the biggest events in the city ? the Russian Winter Festival. Hotel rooms in Moscow are available from 46.7O pounds per night. The festival takes place between December 25th and January 6th, and is celebrated all over Russia, but nowhere with so much style and enthusiasm as in the capital city. The festival combines religious and other holidays that take place in this period, and try to make it into one big party, lasting several for weeks. Crowds of visitors are expected in Moscow to experience the numerous shows, parties, activities and side-events, including live folk music, food markets, three-horse troika sleigh rides and more that have already begun. Entertainers disguise to figures from Russian folklore and mingle with tourists and locals, while the restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars throughout Moscow offer mouth-watering delicacies such as pancakes with caviar, not to mention the vodka-based beverages.

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