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Maybe Malmö is best known for its “turning torso” skyscraper, but there are plenty of more reasons to hit up this Swedish town. Malmö is located on the coast, looking over at Denmark. From chocolate factories to world class art museums to the best in Swedish design, there is no reason not to take a day trip away from Gothenburg to visit this city. Getting to Sweden is a breeze, grab a cheap flight from London to Gothenburg for €19. Take the train to Malmö or hire a car from Gothenburg and make the 2.5 hour trek along the seaside yourself.

malmoe sweden grafitti

swedish grafitti in malmo (Kristian M via flickr)

Malmö is a vibrant place, its multicultural.It attracts the Danes from across the waters and is home to more than 150 different nations. It is a hot spot for experimental and eye-catching architecture, defying all the rules when it comes to conventional city building. The Öresund bridge and the tunnel that runs underneath Öresund right to Copenhagen are just the beginning. Malmö is an eclectic mix of what you’d expect to see in Sweden and exactly the opposite. One thing is for sure, this city is a must. It is a city for artists and diplomats, a nice mix of modern art and traditional lines.

turning torse in malmoe

malmo's turning torso (barkingjohn via flickr)

So what to see if you’re going to spend a day or two in this fine city? The Form and Design Centre is a great space located in a 16th century garden courtyard. The centre features architecture photography and other design exhibitions but the neighbourhood around the centre is also worth a wander, cobbled streets make up an almost fully restored medieval town of little timbre houses and many shops and art galleries. Walking through St. Gertrud Quarter gives visitors a unique look into 16th to 19th century Swedish architecture, all within a few blocks of each other. While you’re here, take a look at Thottska Huset, the oldest timbre house in the city. It was built around 1550 and is now a restaurant. Reservations are definitely necessary if you want to enjoy a dinner at this place. There are plenty of arts events going on in the city all year round, you can find more about them at Malmö’s culture website.

malmoe sweden monument

Knotted pistol in Malmö (Dave Gorman via flickr)

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