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It is the second largest city in Slovakia, after the capital city Bratislava . Lying in the valley of the River Hornad, Košice is a regional administrative centre and also a hub of industry, science, culture and commerce.

Košice is a city with an eventful historical past, its earliest recorded mentioning dates from 1230, when it was referred to as the “Villa Cassa”. The coat of arms is the oldest in Europe, a fact attested to by a letter dating from 1369. The city’s historical  sights – from various eras – are concentrated in the historic centre, which is an Urban Heritage Area by the way. The reconstructed main street, lined by burgher houses and palaces, offers visitors a pleasant stroll and is also the venue for major events in the life of the city.

According to an Italian daily newspaper,  the Corriere Della Sera, the city of Košice will be among the top ten world cities in the near future,  same category as Vladivostok, Pittsburgh or the Chinese Tianjin. The article  highlighted the huge potential of development in the city, with regard to tourism, investments and its strategic location.

The city was given the attribute “glocal”, and the Italian newspaper draws special attention to the city’s unique identity that could be the basis for itsfuture development. Marseille on the French Riviera was also included in this  list, as the Team of the European Capital of Culture for 2013 has been considering greater cooperation in this area as well.

Kosice (Kassa in Hungarian) - Statue Immaculata

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