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There are a lot of reason why I’d like to travel to Sydney but there is only one that is important: surfing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to learn, how to properly ride the waves in one of the most beautiful cities, and actually stay on my board. Sydney is Australia’s oldest and definitely most diverse cities. It is also known around the world for its waves and clean beaches.

If you travel to Sydney you’ll see quite quickly that its a haven city for people who love the outdoors. This city has embraced physical activities to the max. There is a huge network of bike trails, jogging paths, you can sail, surf, laze on the beaches all afternoon or take walks along the shore. This city is filled with culture: sights to be seen, foods to taste and a life that really is as good as it gets. For a long time Sydney was that unreachable destination that everyone wanted to visit but not so many wanted to because of the long-haul flights across continents and oceans (and the price to go along with it). This is all changing. We still have to travel the same distance but you can find some really great cheap flights to Sydney these days.

Finding a surf camp is extremely easy. You just have to walk down to the beach or look up a board-rental place and you’d be able to pick up some lessons as well. If surfing is a little scary, try boogie boarding instead, or at least to start out (this is going to be me!).

Reading some reviews on-line, it seems that there’s more than a few other good spots outside of Sydney that can easily be reached by car. Manly for example and the whole north Sydney region. I think its a great idea to just rent a car and stay at the beach as long as you like, exploring the coast at your own pace. Compare car rental deals in Sydney to find the best one; rent with some friends and take a picnic lunch.

I’m sure there’s lot of other things to see in Sydney, have any recommendations? Otherwise, see you at Bondi!


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An elephant standing guard (sxe)

The appeal of travelling to learn something new is becoming more and more popular. Many of my friends, myself included, have studied abroad, taking advantage of our university-organized programs that allow students these days to do this so easily. But many more travellers are choosing their destinations for different types of learning opportunities. A few that come to mind at the moment are yoga retreats, language courses, cooking classes (see my post about Tuscan cooking classes), surf school among more I am sure.

Why not travel to learn something new, a skill to bring back with you? I remember my mom travelled to Malaysia years ago and took some batiking classes, supporting the local women’s culture centre while she was there and being able to bring back some hand-made souvenirs at the same time. She was crazy about batiking afterward. I was recently let in on the best classes to take while travelling to Thailand, a magical escape.

Bangkok is the best place to start. Fortunately for us, tourism is huge in Thailand right now and there are many hotel deals to choose from. Finding cheap flights to Bangkok is a cinch too,  from £358 you can be in Thailand in no time. Bangkok caters to students from around the world, offering many diverse and exciting different opportunities for the foodie, the casual Buddhist, the foreign language expert and the sensual masseuse. Picking up a few tips and tricks along the way are entirely worth it, so here’s my list of the best courses to take while visiting Thailand.

Thai Language – you can take a beginner’s class in Thai language for 100B to 200B (£2-3) an hour to learn some basic phrases and get a small glimpse into the magic of Thai. Check out AAA Thai Language Centre for different classes and schedules. Grab a group of friends and get the group rate. Travelling alone? Try asking some other staying at the same hotel or hostel as you, you’ll probably make some good friends along the way.

Thai Cooking – cooking Thai food is not science, you just need a little practice and some guidance on what spices go with what and how. There are a lot of great cooking school in Bangkok, but I recommend Baipai Thai Cooking School which offers completely hands on classes. There are even 1/2 day ones available for those who really want to see all the sights in Bangkok as well as learn something special. The courses per person average around 1800B (£35).

Buddhas in a row in Bangkok (WV Jazzman via flickr)

Meditation / Massage – want to learn how to meditate from the real masters? Many Buddhist centers in Bangkok are open to Western travellers and focus on insight meditation methods called vipassana. Try Dharma Thai for different meditation courses and workshops. For massage, learn some new tricks that your friends and special friends will definitely enjoy. The best place to go first is Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School which holds classes frequently. A 30 hour class costs around 8500B which is £165.

Muay Thai – this is a traditional style of boxing. Many foreigners head to Thailand to learn this style which is known to be rigorous and extremely strict. A real work out for your body. If you’re interested, check out Sor Vorpin which offers one-day and weekly training sessions for foreigners. Their half-day session costs 500B (£10).

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It is the second largest city in Slovakia, after the capital city Bratislava . Lying in the valley of the River Hornad, Košice is a regional administrative centre and also a hub of industry, science, culture and commerce.

Košice is a city with an eventful historical past, its earliest recorded mentioning dates from 1230, when it was referred to as the “Villa Cassa”. The coat of arms is the oldest in Europe, a fact attested to by a letter dating from 1369. The city’s historical  sights – from various eras – are concentrated in the historic centre, which is an Urban Heritage Area by the way. The reconstructed main street, lined by burgher houses and palaces, offers visitors a pleasant stroll and is also the venue for major events in the life of the city.

According to an Italian daily newspaper,  the Corriere Della Sera, the city of Košice will be among the top ten world cities in the near future,  same category as Vladivostok, Pittsburgh or the Chinese Tianjin. The article  highlighted the huge potential of development in the city, with regard to tourism, investments and its strategic location.

The city was given the attribute “glocal”, and the Italian newspaper draws special attention to the city’s unique identity that could be the basis for itsfuture development. Marseille on the French Riviera was also included in this  list, as the Team of the European Capital of Culture for 2013 has been considering greater cooperation in this area as well.

Kosice (Kassa in Hungarian) - Statue Immaculata

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Dublin, the capital of Ireland is a perfect place for autumn holidays. The City of Dublin is both the capital and the largest city in Ireland – an important cultural centre, with wonderful mingling of ancient and modern Gaelic art.

lighthouse ireland

It has a maritime climate with mild winters and moderate summers, with raining almost all the year round. Among the best deal hotels I had found on a price-comparing website, there is Dublin IMI Residence, a prestigious 3 star hotel located right in the heart of the city, offering 50 spacious and tastefully decorated rooms, available from 57 euros per night. I’d rather opt for a cheap hotel in Dublin, mainly because of financial reasons, and also to stay near the National Museum of Ireland or the National Gallery, but also within walking distance of the Temple Bar district and its famous nightlife… J Bewleys Hotel Ballsbridge is another 3 star hotel from the list that has excellent brewery and a renowned gourmet restaurant. To spend an extraordinary day outside the city, why not go to Shelbourne Park or Leopardstown to bet on a horse race or greyhound? You could enjoy the last moments of your stay walking along the banks of the Liffey, where you can see many wonders, like the Christ Church Cathedral or the Ha’penny Bridge. If you stay in the IMI Residence, the luxury hotel in Sandyford Road, you’ll be closer to these monuments but you will be to pay 60 euros per night to enjoy the impeccable services and the beautifully decorated rooms. For further information visit: http://www.gov.ie/en/

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