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Are you tired of Lonely Planet’s “off the beaten track” way around a city only to discover that the quiant cathedral you think you’re discovering for the first time is also being discovered for the first time by a dozen other backpackers with similar Lonely Planet editions hanging out their sacks or back pockets? That’s what happens when hotels, restaurants, tiny museums are featured in guides with such strong readership, such loyal readership. They’re not “off the beaten track” anymore.

But you really really want to get the most out of your trip to Barcelona… without a Lonely Planet.

Le Cool has a happy alternative, The weird and wonderful guide to Barcelona, guaranteed to take you places tourists have never dared to go. Including some hip hotels in Barcelona, funky hostels that there are no signs for and underground absinthe bars that’ll put a wild spin on your night.

Red and hardcover, this little book is complete with witty narratives, maps and ideas that will certainly fill any Barcelona trip. Written by locals for those travellers with a keen for something a little off-beat, a little different. Walking guides, essential stops, interviews with the rich/trendy/famous of the capital of Catalan, where to find a good sex club (should you swing that way), buy cheap cigarettes and don’t worry the Gaudi-mahem is kept at a necessary minimum.

Where can you find the book? It’s available directly from Le Cool as well as Amazon.co.uk. I had a copy once. A travelling friend passed it along to me after his trip to Barcelona, telling me to take it, use it and then pass it along again. I did take it to Barcelona, I stayed at a hostel mentioned there, drank absinthe cocktails with funny names in a dark basement, drank my latte at a chic coffee bar and did a tour of a few off-beat museums. During a trip to Berlin a few months later, I met someone on their way to Barcelona and I passed the Weird and Wonderful guide on to them.

Do you have a copy of this book? These guides are also available in several other cities… check’em out!

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