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There’s hardly any reason to cook for yourself while visiting Bangkok. This city’s a mecca for cheap eats on the streets and the flavours will leave you craving for more. Don’t worry, eating out while on holiday has never been cheaper than in Thailand. As far as Bangkok is concerned, there’s nothing you can’t find! Don’t believe me? Grab some flights to Bangkok and find out!

If you only eat at one marketplace in the entire city, let it be Or Tor Kor market near the Chatuchak Park metro stop. You’ll find stall upon stall of delicious treats, succulent soups, stir-fry, grilled sausages and fresh noodles. If you want to try some of the local delicacies, don’t miss sai grop (fermented port sausage) that is slowly cooked over a charcoal barbecue.

An essential part of every Thai day is tea time. Tea is drank with anything and everything, even with their daily cup of coffee. At most places when you request a glass of water, they’ll bring you a cup of tea. For breakfast, try a cup of coffee with deep-fried Chinese bread.

You’ll quickly realise the more you walk through Bangkok that the locals love to eat and everything else that happens during the day is just time spend while waiting to eat again. Even the streets look more like food-lined hallways instead of pedestrian walkways. There are more food carts than people sometimes! It just goes to show though that if you want to eat, the easiest place to do it is on the street. If you’re a market newbie, don’t let the rude and rather abrupt style of the markets scare you. Stand tall and get in there!

images: oksidor, lookslikeamy / flicrk cc.

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