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I don’t know whether it’s the spring weather, the latest run of Fashion Weeks in my favourite cities or my thirst for travel right now but I’ve got shopping on my mind. More precisely I’ve got shopping in Lisbon on my mind. While not the first city I think of when it comes to fashion and style, Lisbon has a secret that it can’t keep much longer. This city has style! As for shopping, there is a lot of chic hiding here!

If you think of shopping in London in the 1940s, you’re pretty close to what it’s like to shop in Lisbon’s city centre today. Polished wooden counter tops where dainty hand-embroidered handkerchiefs, bed linens and towels hang behind polished glass. Handmade leather gloves, shoes, hats are all ready to try on, antique display cases shine and your packages are wrapped in kraft paper and twine as you leave.

Romantic isn’t it?

Lisbon’s newly revamped Waterfront is a mecca for design shops which are taking a turn back to the traditional arts and crafts which once made Portugal famous. The city hosts a new generation of hand-crafters and if you’ve got a keen eye for something different, something old yet with a touch of the contemporary, then you’ve got to check out Lisbon.

Top things to buy: leather, linen, silver, Old World trinkets…

Where to shop:

Luvaria Ulisses (Rua do Carmo, 87a) – selling hand-made gloves since 1925

Joalharia do Carmo (Rua do Carmo 87b) – selling 18th century styled jewellery and silverware

Paris em Lisboa (near Rua Garrett) – selling monogrammed linens, starting at £7

Café a Brasileira – the city’s most famous coffee house. Latte and sweet, just £2.20

Casa das Velas (Rua do Loreto) – selling candles since 1789, a pair of ecclesiastical candles for £15

Chapelaria Azevedo Rua (Rossio Square) – hand-made men’s fedoras, £57

As you can see, you can find some beautiful treasures here for a fraction of the price they would cost you in London, even Paris. It’s incredible that Lisbon isn’t so popular among shoppers. Ladies, really you’ve got to get on this. The best time to visit is spring, May of course when it’s not too hot and when the spring flowers are in full-bloom in the streets. The beach is just a 30 minute train ride away as well. As well, Lisbon has plenty of cheap hotels but the real deals are found outside the city centre. For something chic, check out the places within close reach of Rossio.

image from: http://weheartit.com/entry/6261500

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