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What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Amsterdam? Is it the Red Light District, the canals, parties, or coffee shops? Seemingly known around the world for it’s liberal marijuana laws, Amsterdam is a haven for both pot-smokers and those who are curious about this green drug.

It’s actually quite impressive how this city is so well-run with weed as being a main attraction for many young travellers, just an example though for other countries to take it easy.

There are more than 150 coffee shops in Amsterdam alone, most of which are in the city centre near the Red Light District and Centraal Station. Many of them have a green and white flag outside of them, indicating that there is weed to be found and smoked inside, so wander on in and take a look. Atmosphere and style vary greatly but the basics are the same.

  • Ask to see the menu, since many shops are not allowed to openly advertise that they sell weed.
  • Weed is sold by the gram, price varies depending on quality, variety, falvour,e tc. You’ll find it anywhere from 7-12€.
  • There is a regulation concerting quantity, coffee shops can sell only 5g per person per day, so no bulk buying.
  • You can buy either a pre-rolled joint or roll it yourself, ask for some papers at the bar.
  • Order a coffee (either espresso or a cappuccino) and sit down.
  • If you need help rolling ,ask but make sure you leave a tip (one Euro is cool).
  • Light up and enjoy.

It isn’t hard to find a coffee shop, and very well part of the appeal is walking around exploring and wandering from one place to the next. Here are just a few addresses I’ve collected from other sites with recommendations and it’s a good place to start:

De Rokerij – Lange Leidsedwarstraat 41, near Leidseplein

Baba – Warmoesstraat 64, Red Light District

Hill Street Blues – Warmoesstraat 52a, Red Light District

Coffeeshop Tops – Prinsengracht 480, near Leiseplein

Hunter’s Café – Warmoesstraat 24

Café ‘t Arendsnest – Herengracht 90

DampKring – Handboogstraat 29

Amsterdam has a lot to be discovered, not just coffee shops but since it’s such a prominent attraction for young travellers, I thought I’d cover the topic a little before my own trip to Amsterdam at the end of the summer. I’m looking now to find a cheap flight to Amsterdam, hopefully for the end of the summer so I too can experience this part of Dutch culture for myself.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What was your coffee shop experience like?

FYI: Amsterdam recently passed a ban for smoking tobacco indoors, which put a damper on things but some places either have a designated tobacco area or have herbal tobacco substitutes you can smoke.


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