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For a long time I’ve been attracted to destinations in Earnest Hemingway‘s novels and poetry. He isn’t considered a travel writer but he has a way of presenting a destination and really being able to show what it’s like to the reader without neglecting character development or plot. His characters actually add to the destination itself, making me believe that I would meet people like the characters in his books in those places. But seriously, this isn’t English Literature Class, so I will stop right there.

The point of it all is that I’m reading Islands in the Stream right now by Hemingway and I am very close to just outright buying some cheap flights to Cuba so that I can walk in his footsteps and see the places he describes in this novel with my own eyes.

One destination in particular has my attention, Bimini Island, the smallest island in the Bahamas. In the novel the main character has a delightful little beach house there where he paints all day, goes fishing with his three sons, drinking like a rummy and really just enjoys life. (I’ll admit it, I’m a romantic… especially when it comes to sitting around and making art all day) It’s just 50 miles from Miami, Florida and is arguably the most beautiful island in the stream.

Of course when Hemingway was living there, it wasn’t that popular but today it’s full of tourist resorts offering flashy fishing packages. This is an angler’s paradise! The island’s history though doesn’t begin or end with Hemingway. If you cosy up to the bar at one of the locals joints, you’re sure to hear stories of pirates, rum runs and other famous folk that have been here at some point or another.

Some interesting facts about Bimini:

  • Ponce de Leon believed that the “Fountain of Youth” was located somewhere on the island
  • Plato believed the lost city of Atlantis was hidden somewhere beneath Bimini’s North Island in 300 BC
  • There is a path off the coast underwater made of 8×2 foot solid rock slabs, called the Bimini Road, and no one knows when or how it got there (although most date it back at least 8000 years)
  • In 1933 someone caught a 502 lb. blue marlin off the coast of Bimini
  • Hemingway is responsible for bringing the sport of boxing to the island

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